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Most of all I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your leadership qualities and to thank you for your extra efforts you made to achieve this distinction, President Achievement Award Winner.

L. Dennis Shapiro, Chairman of the Board; LSI

What a miracle worker… Your talented and generous touch was evident everywhere…

Dr. Susan Bridge Ph D., OPRFHS

KL herself is committed to excellence and motivates and inspires those around her to strive for their personal best.  We attribute much of our success to KL’s leadership and involvement.

Carol Del Conte, Oak Park River Forest, Infant Welfare Society 

KL:  What a pleasure to be on your team and be a part of your success.  Thank you for your accomplishments and thank you for being the caring hard driving, results oriented professional that you are.  You not only personally make a huge difference, but you have a great “halo” effect on your peers and customers.

Ron Feinstein, President; LSI

Your efforts…were essential to the success of the event.  We could not have accomplished our goals with out your support…

Jon Jacobson, General Motors Corporation;
Co-General Chair, Indianapolis Museum of Art

Being the insightful individual you are, you must have an excellent idea of how much your efforts meant to us…The many comments we’ve received of how you assisted our guests have been heartwarming…

Gene Glick, President; Gene B. Glick Company Inc.

KL:  Congratulations on another great year and receiving the President’s Achievement Award again.  You’re a real professional, and we have benefited so much from your leadership.  Thank you for making a real difference through your significant effort and results.

Ron Feinstein, President; LSI

I am Glad our paths crossed and you were absolutely great to work with…

Carolyn King RN

Through out our business relationship, Ms Robertson Daly has provided a role model for me.  She has empowered me to become a successful and respected person in our community.  None of these things would have happened without KL’s encouragement to assert myself and expect the best from myself.

Sandra Swann, HCMH

KL brings energy, enthusiasm, compassion along with a keen intelligence and business savvy to every venture.  KL is a leader and mentor to many women who without her help and support, could never achieve their dreams. I am eternally grateful to her.

Eileen Huber, RN

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